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How to Keep Cats from Breaking Blinds

Posted by on in Blinds, Awnings & Shutters
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Blinds that are the victims of animal destruction, there are cats that bend and break aluminum blinds trying to squeeze behind them,and cats who love blinds cords more than catnip.


Cats are natural observers who find the world of birds and squirrels much more interesting than you sitting like a lump on the couch. They also love to sunbathe. When blinds are closed they wiggle behind to get to the warm sunshine.


If cats are bending and breaking your blinds to get to the window, keep the blinds raised where they can see out. If you need to maintain privacy, raise blinds part way and install a cat-sized curtain with a tension rod.

What could be more tantalizing to a cat than dangling cords just waiting to be pawed at? As tempting as they are, blinds cords can be harmful to kitties.



Keep cords wrapped out of kittens reach with a cord cleat or tied up in a bundle. A cat that climbs and claws at the curtains is a combination of several strong cat instincts. Cats have a natural instinct to climb so that they can tower above the room. Unfortunately drapes can be a casualty of failed climbing attempts. Scratching is an important part of your cat’s health, but can wreak havoc on your furniture. When cats are excited or scared, scratching allows them to release some of this energy. It’s also a way for them to stretch shoulder muscles and mark their territory.


Allow your cat to fulfill their climbing need in a positive way by providing them with a cat tower that they can climb. Scratching can also be controlled with an appropriate place to express this behavior like a scratching post. Special double stick tape sold at pet stores will keep cats from scratching furniture and catnip spray will encourage your cat to use the scratching post instead.With this wide array of pet window covering issues, there really are no completely cat proof blinds. But we do have a few helpful suggestions.

First off, with pets or small children it’s always safer to choose cordless window treatments. Playful critters can easily get tangled up in dangling cords and hurt themselves. Try verticals blinds. Cats can slip behind slats easily and they’ll fall right back into place. If your cat chews on louvers, you can order individual replacements instead of getting all new blinds. If pet hair and grime are a problem, just wipe the PVC louvers clean with soap and water.

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